iPhone and Blackberry Repairs

iPhone 3G / iPhone 3Gs / iPhone 4 / iPhone 4s,  Blackberry and Android  Smartphones

Likely Fault Diagnosis:

  • Broken screen
  • Touch screen not responding
  • Audio jack socket broken
  • Camera faulty
  • Battery faulty
  • Back glass smashed (iPhone 4/4s)

Likely Cause Scenario:

  • Dropped or shock force to screen
  • Liquid spill / shock force
  • Headphones / earpiece jack worn socket out
  • Liquid spill or overheating exposure
  • Dropped or shock force to back of iPhone

Have you been told by another repair company that your iPhone or Blackberry needs replacing? 

We provide smartphone repairs from £59.00, and ensure quality with a unique 3 month warranty!                  

Mobile phone repairs are a specialist smartphone service performed with complex equipment by highly skilled technicians: Such repairs should not be attempted at home.

We have the highest UK success rate for this type of repair, this is because we have perfected the skills and techniques required.

Average repair time 2 days including full hardware testing.

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