Laptop Backlight Repairs

Has your laptop gone dark? We can fix that from £49!

In addition to replacing cracked or broken laptop  screens, we can also fix laptop backlight problems. Repairs can save a lot of money, because in many cases a new screen is not necessary.

Our laptop backlight repair process starts with a test of the display inverter, which provides power to the back light. This is a board inside the screen which outputs over 1000 volts.

If the inverter is not at fault, then we test the cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL), and if it’s broken, we’ll replace it.

This is where we really separate ourselves from most other laptop repair companies in the UK. If the laptop CCFL is bad, most repair companies will tell you that you have to replace the entire screen as they won’t or can’t replace a backlight. That is not the case with National Laptop Repair. We can replace the CCFL 90% of the time, saving you at least 50% against what it would cost for a new screen.

Cold cathode tube problems usually present themselves as a hissing coming from the screen, a red glow in the LCD, or just no backlight at all.

Fault Diagnosis (try this yourself)
If your laptop screen has gone black, then try holding the screen up to a light at an angle. If you can see faint images then the backlight is at fault.

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