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BSOD "Blue Screen of Death"

BSOD “Blue Screen of Death”

Software problems make up probably 90% + of all the issues a person will have during the lifetime of a computer and half of those problems will be caused by rogue / badly written or malicious software.

The computer technicians at NLR have decades of combined experience fixing software & hardware issues, so be assured we will be able to fix your Mac or PC.

Common Boot issues Affecting Windows PCs

  • Blue screen of death while booting windows – Possible Causes, driver issues, corrupt registry, corrupt NTFS file system, virus infection + many more reasons.
  • System locking during boor process – Possible Causes,  hard drive Issues, bad sectors or corrupt NTFS files system .
  • Computer’s Bios cannot find hard drive – Possible Causes,  hard drive failure, wrongly configured BIOS.
  • Windows boots with desktop background, but no icon, Possible Causes, nearly always viruses / malware etc.

Slowness Affecting Windows PCs

A PCs Performance & speed can be down to many things.

  • Lots of viruses / malware
  • Hard drive badly fragmented.
  • Not enough ram or too much ram in use.
  • Lack of hard drive space.
  • Faulty hardware, corrupt / misconfigured drivers
  • Faulty software / bugs
  • Some of the best selling Anti-virus products can slow down a system.
  • Corrupt / fragmented registry.

Computer Virus Removal Experts

AVG Antivirus

AVG Antivirus

According to a report by PandaLabs this year 25% of computers in the UK have malware installed, latest estimates are that there are about 33.5 million computers in the UK, which means there is a good possibility that your computer is infected with Malware, Viruses or Root-kits etc.

Signs that you have infections can include any of the following:

  • Computer slowdown – malware is notorious for slowing machines
  • While surfing the internet you keep getting popups
  • Your home page has changed recently
  • You click on Google links only to be sent to random sites

Brigantia NLR will also recommend AVG anti-virus software as your first line of defence.

Our technicians have years of experience dealing with Viruses, Malware etc. as well as complex operating system & application problems, so if you are having problems with your PC or Mac then talk to us on 033 33 44 11 19 or fill in  the enquiry form at the top right of this page

Brigantia NLR Tips on how to keep your system clean & running well

There are lots of things a user will have to do to make sure they do not fall victim to any of the above,

1, Make sure you have a good recognised antivirus along with the latest updates protecting your computer and scan once a week.
2, Make sure your operating system has all the latest updates installed.
3, Do not visit porn, torrent, file sharing type-sites.
4, Use a secure browser like Google Chrome
5, Regularly empty browser/ temp file cache
6, Defragment hard drive on a regular basis.


1. Will I have to send my laptop away? – Not necessarily, with National Laptop Repair we have hundreds of trusted partners throughout the UK.  Use the post code checker to locate your nearest Brigantia NLR trusted partner.

2. Will I lose any data? – Not necessarily.  In most cases data can be recovered from a virus attack.

3. I get calls from foreign countries claiming to help me remove viruses,  are they genuine? – NO! This is definitely an attempt to spoof you in to handing over your credit card details to buy a rogue piece of software known as a trojan Horse.  The main aim is to steal your credit card details.

4. Should I use more than one Anti Virus software? -  No. This actually causes the problems to get worse.  Never use more than one Anti virus software.  However more than one than one Malware product can be used.

5. How did I get viruses or malware on my computer? – Pin pointing the exact cause is not easy, although adult content sites are the most common cause.

6. How can I prevent this from happening again? -  Regular windows updates are very important. Ensure your antivirus software is up to date.  Never rely on free anti virus solutions. Free systems do not give you latest protection as that the paid products do.

7. How long does your technician need to clean up my computer? – Not long normally. Most virus removal work can be done in a matter of hours depending on the number of computers the technicians have at any one time.

8. How much will the repair cost? – This does depend on the time it takes and if any software needs to be installed too.  Your local trusted partner should be able to quote you a fixed price.

9. Can viruses spread across to other computers in our house or business? – Yes and no. The only way they can spread is via sharing corrupted files from one computer to another. Viruses do not spread across networks under normal circumstances.

10. Can You recommend a very good Anti Virus Solution? – Yes. Our trusted partners can recommend reliable solutions and guide you on how to get the best from the software.

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