Laptop Motherboard Repairs

We offer a full component level laptop motherboard repair service. The laptop repair service for any make or model laptop for a BGA type repair is professionally carried out by a company with more than 25 years experience and is fully guaranteed.  In many cases we also replace components rather than attempt to repair  a faulty chipset, such as the Graphics Processor Unit or South Bridge / North Bridge.

The number one reason to consider our Laptop Motherboard Repair service is because we have the best record of repair rate success, ( 80%) and less than 5% warranty failure.  If you need a laptop motherboard repair, we guarantee to offer the best turnaround time and chance of success. 

UK Laptop Motherboard Repair

UK Laptop Motherboard Repair

Why Repair your Laptop Motherboard? Watch this short video, it is  very informative. Acer, Sony Dell HP Toshiba Dell Asus and even Apple MacBook Laptop Motherboard repairs repairs are very economical repairs worth doing.  The cost of right off versus repair and replacement of components is far higher now,  and with the unique  success rate available with the National Laptop Repair network, this really is a credible decision. Simply call us or use the post code checker to locate your nearest dealer and we will take care of the rest, it’s that simple!


Below is a list of common faults and signs that indicate you need a Laptop Motherboard Repair

  • There is usually no display what so ever when a Laptop Motherboard has failed
  • Distorted Graphics  or lines on the display panel
  • Dead Laptop no led lights
  • WiFi will not work
  • Laptop overheats and switches off
  • Laptop makes a series of beeping noises – this is very common with Dell laptops.
  • Try plugging a VGA monitor cable to the laptop external VGA output, no display would indicate faulty motherboard

We also offer a full repair service for many other circuit board type repairs

  • All types of Laptop and Apple Mac products
  • Barcode Scanning Repairs
  • Data collection Terminals
  • Desktop PC’s
  • Dot Matrix Printers
  • Laser Printers
  • EPoS Systems
  • Satellite Navigation Systems
  • Receipt Printers
  • Printer Repairs
  • Power Supplies
  • Touch screen products
  • Tablets
  • Game Consoles
To book your laptop or electronic tech product in for a component level repair, simply email us now for a direct quote.

Why You Should Consider Our Incredible Service! 

  • We guarantee to respond to your enquiry within 2 working hours.  please use
  • We will securely deliver, repair and return your product with a fully insured express delivery service anywhere in the UK.
  • No price hikes.  We will give you a fixed price repair.
  • Our technicians are the best available, backed up by vast technical data and know-how to get your product repaired first time every time.
  • Our Centre Of Excellence has been repairing Laptops and tech products with circuit board faults for more than 20 years.
  • We have the best testing equipment available to any Electronics company in the UK. Your product will be thoroughly tested before leaving us.

Below are some enquiries we have received for Laptop Motherboard Repair

“Coke was spilled on my custom Sony Vaio PCG-71211M. With my semester about to begin I really can’t afford to buy a new one”

“My laptop won’t power up. The light goes on for seconds and then goes off. It looks like a motherboard issue. NB: laptop will be sent without the hard drive”

“I have a  HP DV9700 laptop, when you try and power on, the blue LED lights go on for a split second then goes off. It does not boot. I have tried a hard reset but to no avail. Not sure if it is the motherboard or processor? could you give me an inclination of costs to repair please. “

“Hi, I have a HP G62 with AMD motherboard 597674-001. I believe it has the common GPU fault due to overheating (It currently turns on, power light on, fan spins for few secs, no HDD noise and no display then fan stops, power light still on but nothing else). I wonder if you would be able to fix this and how much it would cost if I send the motherboard to you? (not insured- home user). Thanks.”

“My acer aspire 9810 has a faulty graphics chip how much would a repair cost?” Laptop Motherboard repair

“Toshiba satellite pro C650-18D system unit not powering up, does it need a motherboard repair?”

“Acer 5742 switches on but nothing on screen, noticed harddrive light does not flicker or light up when powered on unsure whether its motherboard related or bios”

“Hi, my laptop keeps over heating and shutting down, my friend thinks it may be due to my heat sink being clogged. How much would this cost to be cleaned? Thanks”

Laptop Motherboard repair

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